In the studio : spring cleaning

Got in that reorganizing bug that happens in the spring. I'll be opening the studios to the outside world again so I need to reorganize so it's easy to get the outside breeze. Here's some work organizing the space. Next is to create my screening for the doors. Hoping spring will be here soon. Just bought some new staples for one of my fav guns.

Now I'm planing a construction day. Ready to rock on some hanging storage. Excited to work on it. All this work gets my head in just the right place to make art. My fav organization containers for fasteners.

In the studio : altered books

I finally began my altered book project. It's been in my thoughts and sketchbook for over two years. My post  process : 9 x 9 new works [ part one] back in 2010 gives a little background. I finally felt I had a way forward. I opened each book to a spread that asked me to ink it. I know this sounds strange but I can't really define all of the reasons why I chose the particular spreads, so I'll leave the reasons out of the process so far.

In the studio : New inks

My favorite place for inking —the glass counter.

I have a fabulous glass counter that I use for mixing inks and inking my linos or blocks it's 9 feet long to accomodate a number of colors or mixes. It's easy to clean up too. I purchased two new inks Graphite and Paynes Gray. I have an idea brewing.

Yummy yummy.

I decided that I had just enough time before I left the studio to do draw-downs to sample the ink on white.

You see them while still wet.

And finally with a darker patch at the bottom.

My worktable. {March}

2013-03-29 10.49.49

Working on sketches for the facade outside my studio.

Some measurements and rough ideas. I'm laying out ideas with some CAD tools and will have more about the project soon. I'm testing the pixelation of my drawingaday pieces to see if one works in the space. Maybe something like this.


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