I must make some marks

I've really been unable to make any progress in my studio for the last two months. This is something new for me. It has never happened before. I'm internally motivated and I make lots of work all the time.

I've decided that I need to take some gentle action.

I started making small experimental sketches in my Moleskine. I've also decided to carry a couple more sketchbooks and pens in my art gobag.

Back in the Studio : First Marks today

Finally back in the studio today.

When I return to the studio after having been away for a number of days in a row my day goes through several creative stages. Gathering supplies, preparing surfaces and then making the first marks of the day.

Today's first marks were an experiment. I used sumi ink and some new plastic droppers.

I'm not sure what will happen next but it was a good start to the day.

a sharp little portrait

Cleaning my studio reveals my addictions. I love using single edged razor blades. I prefer them to scissors or xacto blades; although I do have stocks of both. Everywhere I pick up studio debris I find another straight edged razor blade, aka Gem Blades. It's a danger zone for those who don't know the signs.

I'm crazy about having a sharp one so I'm always opening a fresh blade for fear of creating a tear rather than a clean cut.

In the Studio : favorite objects

Everything in my studio is important to me. Each object holds memories of the work that has been created; they are my art partners. This stool has been in every creative space since 1977. At one time it was a tall stool with a back, but when I stopped working at a drawing table I removed the back. Somewhere along our journey the back didn't travel to the next studio.

Old doors, new work surfaces

You can't trash old doors. No you can't do it even if they are crappy hollow core doors. Just paint them and make them portable work surfaces. One side has a matte clear coat the other awhite painted surface. Now I can expand my horizontal work surfaces and I've added hardware so that I can hang them from pulleys and drop them down for more drawing or display surfaces too.

It's like having a reversable jacket.

Flexibilty rocks. 



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