In the studio : altered books

altered books inked
inked altered books rollers
six spreads altered books

I finally began my altered book project. It's been in my thoughts and sketchbook for over two years. My post  process : 9 x 9 new works [ part one] back in 2010 gives a little background. I finally felt I had a way forward. I opened each book to a spread that asked me to ink it. I know this sounds strange but I can't really define all of the reasons why I chose the particular spreads, so I'll leave the reasons out of the process so far.

I have a rough plan to alter the pages and yet save interesting and valuable pieces. But I'm letting the project lead me. I used different stripe patterns. I know that I will use different colors of ink throughout. Just not sure how many pages will be altered in each book. I'm also thinking that some parts may be removed. Which parts those are I'm sure will become clear.

So far six spreads are drying.