In the studio : Lino vocabulary

2013-02-24 12.51.38

The start of something.

My interest in printmaking is not to make multiple copies of exactly the same thing. I'm interested in the differences that occur from inking differences and placement and transparent. Planning a vocabulary that will be used over and over again.

2013-03-18 14.04.44

I have done some cutting using different lino and rubber compositions. The rubber is good for quick block making but the line softens quickly. Not an issue for my short runs. The image above is some of my materials.

2013-03-18 12.33.05

These are two soft rubber blocks. I have envisioned them printing over each other as placed using transparent ink.


2013-03-18 14.51.24

When I make the cuts I don't think of them in reverse. I let the printing surprise me.

2013-03-23 15.04.21

The limos have my marks in reverse. Here's some little marks on my glass table.


2013-03-18 16.24.01

Here are a few conversations can't wait to ink them.