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Sharing the work of Odili Donald Odita

I have always loved colorfield paintings, geometrics, and minimalism. I haven't even finished reading this article but wanted to share it because I find this work very interesting. Fresh even after all the work that has come before it. You'll have to follow the link since I'm not willing to use images without permission.


Here is a statement from the artist:

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I remember being in New York and all my friends would be talking about Jackson Pollack. As much as I appreciate his work and it’s place in history I was more interested in Lee Krasner. 
After Jackson’s death she took over his studio a place to make grand sized works. Make them she did.
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I took this iPhone pic of Artist Brian Dennis paying homage to Sol Lewitt who captured a nugget of the drawing on his iPhone.

Brian Dennis, Sol Lewitt
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“I don’t resent being a female painter. I don’t exploit it. I paint.”
— Helen Frankenthaler