in the studio: stella's got her groove back

At last a full day in the studio. It has been difficult getting in a rhythm since our move to Old City. Unpacking, settling in, and working have kept me from establishing a time to get to my studio and make art.

Saturday I spent the whole dang day in the studio. Cleaned up the mess I had left before we moved; creating space to make some new work. Lots of time putting away drawing supplies and clearing surfaces for some new constructions I have in mind.

studio : January 2010

I've been back to working on these drawings. They are a spring place that I hold in my head. I have imagined them blooming by April. Then again the rhythm of the seasons has been disturbed on this crazy planet so I'm not really sure what will take place. I do know that the days are getting longer. That makes the possibility for growth in all living things.

Today I'm in the studio early and they are my world.

studio : the energy within

Spent a good deal of saturday working on the studio. The configuration is so different from the last space that it is taking time to get to know it. Lots of new drawers and surfaces to store and complete work that I have to figure out what's best for what.

Still trying to figure out how to get the bikes out of the way. I think I have an idea how to hang one and make it work.

studio december : illuminated experiments

When the winter comes the long hours of darkness bring an additional chill. Each winter my drawings look for the light. Drawing that embrace the chill. Each year I toy with the idea of creating illuminated drawings.

This year I have begun seriously making some three dimensional models to determine what kind of papers I'll need to sustain the shapes that I want. What translucency sheets provide for particular lighting options.

My goal is to fill a space with these lanterns of a kind that a scribed and marked with a vocabulary of inked marks and scratches.

drawing in a new space


Here's a shot at my new drawing space. I brought a new drawing board where I can mount papers and move the board around. It also has a smooth surface; that's very helpful.

I made small drawings and many sketches for new larger drawings I'm planning to do in the studio.

studio : September

Working madly to get my studio ready for POSt (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours). This is crazy since it's a whole new studio. I've been planning, painting, constructing for weeks. Finally. I have a rough and workable plan for the entrance to the space. I'll be reusing two doors from the old design studio.

Art studio temperatures - 88 today

Today I went to my studio at 10 am. It was already 76 degress. I spent 9 hours there. How? I have an air-conditioner! I now have a studio that I can work in 12 months. I don't have to run away in the dog days of summer. Of course that means no excuses - just go and make some art.

So, I guess that's what I'm going to do.

If I could find my camera there would be some photos.

Seen my camera?


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