Eight drawings with walnut ink.

walnut ink 19 lines
walnut ink 19 lines 8 drawings
19 lines walnut ink 1 drawing

Back in the studio. It take lots of energy to make a drawing especially a large one. To get back in shape I have been making small drawings. These drawings were made with my new nibs and gift walnut ink,

These lines feel like little twigs.

I made a series of eight on Rives BFK. This is the begining. So tempted to leave them just the way they are. The quality of the line is so amazing. I do have ideas for what will come next but I need to do some experimentation with how the ink will respond when I add a layer on top.

I experimented with the length of the line and the spacing. Each variable was decided by chance. My hand decided where the pen should go. These were drawin in absolute silence — just the sound of the pen pulled across the paper.