Don Brewer on my "totally tricked out studio" for Philadelphia Open Studio Tours

I was thrilled to have Don Brewer visit my studio at 1241 Carpenter. We had a great time opening up my flat files and talking about my drawings stored inside as well as the kinds of materials I like to use when I make my work. I gave him the full studio tour.

excerpt from Don Brewer's post on my studio building 1241 Carpenter Street. The link to the full article is at the end of this post.

The hub of the top floor and certainly the finest drawing studio I’ve ever visited is Stella Untalan‘s, equipped with all you could want for mark making and drawing.  The view overlooking Center City is inspiring enough but Stella has tricked out Monica Turtle’s old space with cabinets of drawers full of fine papers, unusual vellums, pencils, charcoal, chalk and markers of all kinds with which she creates her mysterious and otherworldly drawing.

Stella Untalan, Philadelphia Open Studio Tours 2011 photos ©2011 Don Brewer

Stella Untalan is an information designer, owner of110 Church Street Gallery in Old City and mastermind behind the artists representation website company, Heavybubble.  Her drawings are compelling with meta-mathematical themes, bold swipes of charcoal and chalk across velvety vellum mashed up with intricate rows of alien-like script.  Maybe that’s her secret to all her vibrant energy, she’d not from here, Untalansounds Tamarian to me and her art speaks with metaphors, too.  “Temba, his arms wide/open.

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