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In the Studio : drawings part two

I actually was able to get to the studio on Sunday. Often I'm so fried from the work week I do all the domestic stuff that day. But this Sunday was different. I hopped on the bus early and was the only rider to my destination; then walked the last mile. That gave me plenty of time to be in my own head.

After I climbed the flights to my third floor studio I was ready to get into my ritual.

No coffee. No key.


Part two of my saturday studio trip.

I arrived at Carpenter Street and came up to the back entrance.

I reached for my carabiner of keys… duh.

I had walked 2.5 miles and no keys.

Moral of this story — coffee first.


Don Brewer on my "totally tricked out studio" for Philadelphia Open Studio Tours

I was thrilled to have Don Brewer visit my studio at 1241 Carpenter. We had a great time opening up my flat files and talking about my drawings stored inside as well as the kinds of materials I like to use when I make my work. I gave him the full studio tour.

excerpt from Don Brewer's post on my studio building 1241 Carpenter Street. The link to the full article is at the end of this post.

in the studio : July 2011

All of that reassessment, organization, and letting things go — also known as the month of June — is over. Now I'm on an art holiday and will have four glorious days to spend in my studio making work.

New month new energy. Summer temperatures are baking my brain and it seems that I am finally ready to make some new work. The temperatures also make drawing with oil pastels glorious. It's like drawing with butter.

Took out the giant pastels they are inspiring in every way.


in the studio : May

It's been difficult to concentrate on making new work while my show has been happening. Everything I have been doing has been in support of the show —telling people about the drawings writing and telling people about the work — being immersed in the drawings.

It's hard to be in the present when all you do is talk about the past.

First look, new drawings winter twins.

Had a full day working in the studio last week. This is a first look at a new series of ten drawings — winter twins. The drawings are meditations and impressions of the season. Often at this time of year my drawings become mostly black and white. The drawings are minimal. I don't have much more to say right now; I'm still working on them and I don't want to think.

It is important to keep my head clear and trust the process. Keeping that place between sessions of drawings means I can't talk about them. I can't until they are finished.

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