the states of water

Haven't you imagined walking on water?

I have admired Maya Lin's work for two decades. The thoughtfulness, the scale, and the amazing balance of the discipline of architecture and the emotional vocabulary are controlled - yet both create visceral reactions that then trigger intellectual responses.
Her investigation of water/waves and their distinct states have created rekindled the internal conversations about water that have manifest themselves in my hieroglyphics that became Egyptian Waters.

I dream of walking on the waters, floating in the space between the waves.

Now I will make the equivalent of a pilgrimage to the Wave Field at Storm King. I will walk on the waves, I will lie and stand between them unable to see beyond the lead wave or the following one. I will photograph my point of view. I will capture video of the changing light. I will stand on the waters suspended in time.

THE SPACE : Storm King
DRAWINGS : egyptian waters

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