3 water drawings

I'm working on framing these three water drawings for sale.

I'll scan them and get better pics up. They will be specially priced for Philadelphia Open Studios if they aren't purchased before then. They should fit in an 8 x 10 frame. I have to be sure.

in the studio : July 2010

It was 9 am and already 82° when I headed out to my studio sunday morning. It's a two mile walk or so. I usually break it up with a stop for a cup of coffee or breakfast on the way.

This sunday Margaret walked with me to Philadelphia Java Company. We had coffee, tea, and some breakfast buns and I ordered a sandwich for lunch. It was a refreshing stop — I headed the rest of the way to my studio alone. The sun was beating down on South Philly a place bereft of trees and almost impossible to find a sliver of shade.

water sketches : autumnal seaside

I always carry a camera and a sketchbook. Sometimes I carry a set of colored pencils or aqua pencils and a water brush. These are a few small pieces done by the seaside last fall. I was revisiting them since I have been working on a new series of egyptian waters.

I'm doing sketches like this now by the riverside. Experiencing the rhythms and light.

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