In the Studio : late July

I've got a number of drawings started an in progress in the studio right now. This is another.

Starting a new series of drawings with a number of unknown factors. I purchase these rag sheets at my fav location my local Artist + Craftsman shop around the corner. I'm always interested in the results can be when I draw on a tinted or colored sheet. Sometimes I make a field of color with some kind of pigment and fix it, other times I seal the substrate before drawing.

In the Studio : jumping

I spent a full 8 hour day in my studio yesterday. I jumped from one project to another hoping to land on using these new tools. These three marking devices are made of felt. I've been thinking of making some like this for some time. My plan was to buy industrial felt or maybe using chalk erasers to build pens and stamping devices or large pens.

Imagine my surprise when making a studio visit with Justin Bursk he pulls out these as a gift for me.

back into the unfinished work : july

Yesterday I spent a long day in the studio and I revisited a couple of projects and started a new one. This is a drawing I started a bit ago and I wasn't sure where it should go. I began to make more marks and was pretty happy where it was going. But I made a choice which made me come to a screeching halt. I'm not sure if it will be ok or if I trashed the drawing. I'll see next time I head to the studio.

The thing that forced the breaks on is not in the snapshot I posted.

In the Studio : moving forward

Today I stared these drawings down.

Deciding to make some marks today — i pushed forward. Took out acrylic ink and made some new marks. I must admit that I played it safe by experimenting on only two drawings. One of each tonal fields. I'm happy with the dots created by using the dropper. The ink made little pools that hold a sheen. I'm pleased.

Art Supply run.

Finally some new inks for my printmaking.

My favorite art supply store is now carrying my fav inks. Not only that they are on sale. I just bought this pile including some transparent base. Looking forward to getting into using them as soon as I can get my butt into my studio. Super excited. 

In the studio : July

Working on a series of collage. So far this is where I am. Some are complete some maybe not. The work is about my relationship with typography as marks, vocabulary, and color. I'm pursuing a series of 26 for each letter in the alphabet. But if punctuation makes it into the conversation that will add a few more. So far the project name is alphabet collage.

In the Studio : late June

A long day in my studio.

It was a very long day in my studio but it felt all too quick.

I spent a good part of the morning cutting and punching papers. Then I began arranging. Then attached several pieces using tape or staples. Some very delicate pieces were attached with a double-stick material.

Now I am investigating some of the other materials I have saved over the years to add to the collages. I have some tapes and fasteners that may come into play. I have several papers I will punch with little round holes. Much more to do to extend the vocabulary a bit more.

In the Studio : June

A new project on the worktable yesterday.

Trying to jumpstart my making work and keep myself from spending another day cleaning and doing construction in the studio. I decided I should make some small things. Experiment and make it easier to maybe even make several in one studio session. I have many larger projects that I have started but they have many stages and I'm waiting now for inks to dry.

Four days : plein air

Thrilled to have four days of plein air drawing. So happy to have a place protected from the rain, just in case. We've had so much of it lately. Now, to make some drawings.

The basic kit includes:
- Fabriano Journal
- Rotring Sketch Pen
- Caran d’Ache Aquarelle
- Koi Water Brushes
and of course a few graphite pencils


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