In the Studio : June

sheets of text
media vocabulary
starting a collage

A new project on the worktable yesterday.

Trying to jumpstart my making work and keep myself from spending another day cleaning and doing construction in the studio. I decided I should make some small things. Experiment and make it easier to maybe even make several in one studio session. I have many larger projects that I have started but they have many stages and I'm waiting now for inks to dry.

One of my ongoing investigations is how to embrace the preciseness and desciplined nature of myself as designer and myself as artist. I intentionally shy aways from tools and processes that could make my drawings less informed by experimentation and artifacts of chance. 

Still there is a love for paper and tools particular to that discipline that I love to use: riangles, compasses, calipers, ruling pens, tapes and staples. I also have a huge collection of wonderful magazines, broadsheets, and product samplers that are an amazing vocabulary with which to work. 

I decided to try managing a number of these issues with some new small works. I defined my artspace to be 5 x 5 inches, The main component cut sheets of typography from some of the finest set type I have in my library. I would use tape, staples, and hole punch for the remainder of my marks. This would be a large enough vocabulary to make drawings from cut paper.

Looking forward to getting back in the studio and making more. They are wonderful little sketches and I can work on more than one at a time. I love to work that way.

These are some photos from my first efforts and one piece before I finished it.