Open Studio : the plan

Morning coffee and contemplating the arrangement of my studio for open studios.

I have such a love/hate relationship with open studios. The idea of allowing people I don't know into such a personal and sacred place can almost paralyze me. Often I leave the room when someone visits. I just can't watch them peering. 

A series of one.

In the studio tuesday I continued work on my lone wolf.

I custom mixed the green and began to make tonal marks in a path around the perimeter of the sheet. I added a layer of marks, white caisen paint tapped on like a stamp. It is one of the marks I have added to my vocabulary for these larger drawings.

I mixed a transparent yellow ink and sliced the vertical space with three stripes. This is where I am right now. It's hanging waiting for me to return.

In the studio: series of nine : blue and yellow

The last group in my series of nine.

I still haven't really had a chance to look at these dry yet. So I don't really know what the look like. But I do know that in my brain when I look at them from across the room I think they are green. That is the interesting aspect of each of the three sets that I have made. Each set is two colors but the in two sets the color that is dominant is a combination of the two colors. In the red and blue set the end result was not.


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