ink drawing on engineering vellum

This is another drawing I began and set aside. I pulled it out this week and added a series of lines. It needs more work. I'm interested in maintaining the presence that the white lines have.

It's hanging on the working wall now so that I can approach it again. It may take some time to discover what is next. I'm ok with that.

Eight drawings with walnut ink.

Back in the studio. It take lots of energy to make a drawing especially a large one. To get back in shape I have been making small drawings. These drawings were made with my new nibs and gift walnut ink,

These lines feel like little twigs.

I made a series of eight on Rives BFK. This is the begining. So tempted to leave them just the way they are. The quality of the line is so amazing. I do have ideas for what will come next but I need to do some experimentation with how the ink will respond when I add a layer on top.

Old marks, new marks, drawing on dark paper

I pulled out another drawing I had started months ago. I had been confused about where to go after having drawn different tonal rhythms on a sheet of rag paper. The paper is dark grey and I was using acrylic inks that are very saturated. I had also used transparent matte gesso and sanded the surface.

Adding the next layer of marks would have to hold the tonal areas together. I decided to test the preious thread-like marks I had made previously on another small drawing. 

Now to be patient and see what it asks for next. 



In the studio : A lone drawing.

It's always an interesting experience when I make one of something. My mode of operation is to create a series of drawings and watch what happens in the repetition as I move from one drawing to the next. I do this to get deep into a space where I let the marks reveal themselves by the physical gesture that dominates at that time.

19 lines with walnut ink

I have been waiting for the moment to try this Walnut Ink made by one of my artist buds at Artist & Craftsman Supply. Ink like this asks to be used in an intimate drawing. I thought I would try making a very small 19 line drawing.

These are the first 19 lines.

I love how the ink sits in the pen and is slowly absorbed by the Rives BFK.

Storage makes room for new work

I've decided to get the energy moving to make some new work. Right now too much finished work is in my flatfiles. I need to make space.

Today I went over to Artist & Craftsman Supply and picked up an archival box that can hold a series of 16 x 20 drawings. I'm going to start organizing some new portfolios. Now I'll be able to pull out a series to view and manage easily.

time time time – single-sheet book

It all began with 303 606 1010.

Time time time is about the ritual of checking the time of day. You look at your watch or your phone and see the time. Someone asks you what time it is you have to look again. You looked but didn't remember. You look again.

I started noticing when there was a pattern in the numbers. Repetition. I saw it with the first three times I checked… 303 606 1010. 

This book contains the times I noted each time I looked at my iPhone over a period of time.

rare earth large

A couple older Rare Earth pieces in Amy Ralston's Studio this past weekend. Yep they are big and they are still available. — with Amy Ralston at Heron Studios 16th Annual Open House & Sale.

Taking these out of storage made me think about framing again. I think that if they were framed I could at least get them shown. I think they would be quite handsome. They are a couple of my largest drawings.

Contact me if you are interested.


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