Documenting By the Sea a large drawing

By the Sea a large commissioned drawing by Stella Untalan

Last week I got the files documenting a commission that I did a while back. It's a pretty emotional thing for me to see this drawing that I made for a friend who was very ill at the time.

I had to fight through mine and make this for her. I wanted her to have every minute with it she could if things were to worsen. I hoped it would give her joy and calm on dffecult days.

Still it took time. Visiting the site, experiencing the light and investigating locations and size. We had many conversations about color and emotions, the sea and family — wonderful conversations and purpose. We decided on two panels which would be easy to transport and hang but still present an expanse of tranquility.

I don't have words for the joy I had when it was completed and her exuberant reaction to it. This is my commission for Susie Krupnik. We lost her but not her spirit and the memories this process and work gave me. I miss her every day. 

A huge thank you to Elena Bouvier for her fabulous work in photographing this drawing. And thank you to Steve Krupnick for continuing to be in my life.

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