The river project

I haven't been in my studio in two weeks. Busy with the jobs. I have been drawing the whole time and now I'm working on a new project. The river project. A can't find the sketchbooks I want for my new project. Leaves one choice. Make my own. Well. maybe with the help of my bud Elena Bouvier. She is my trusted source for all things book. I'm trying to decide what format I would like the drawings to take. Setting up some ground rules for how I will create the drawings and then how the project will be as a whole. 

I've worked on several series of drawing that are states of being over time. The egyptian waters series is the most extreme of these. That story can be read line by line, or from left to right, or from top to bottom or as one image. I've worked on a series of colored pencil drawings that chronical the change of light over time at lakeside. Recently, I made a number of small colored pencil drawings on holiday in the mountains. These opened my eyes and my mind up to drawing in a more relaxed and schematic way again. It also helped me understand how I could make drawings outdoors under some pretty extreme conditions — wind and rain. 

My goal in this project is to walk to the river at least three or four times a week and make a small drawing that will tell the story of environmental or spiritual conditions. One drawing will be a whole week. It would be terrific to do this every day but I'm not sure that I can sustain that condition.

When the drawings are complete I would lhem in a book or at least to scan the originals to put in books. It depends on how the drawings reveal themselves.

I know that this sounds like lots of planning — but there are plenty of variables. The biggest what happens when I start drawing.