if you don't make your own tools


For my last series of drawings I constructed an acetate mask to make the background color fields on which I would place my marks. This was successful and I like that way of creating color fields. But I want to make a different single stroke mark. I could use a brush to do that but it would use too much pigment for the surface I want.

I want a matte surface and I want it to have some translucency.

I've used putty knives before and this last trip to the hardware store I picked up a couple of plastic drywall scraper blades.

The whole idea is to be able to pull a color over a fixed distance with consistency.  I pulled a couple samples. It was clear that this would take some practice. I'm going to do some more tests — these would include methods or devices to control the start and end point of the pull.


I waited for three of these to dry to test their dimensions.