Three out of four is not bad, new drawings.

I don't believe it's real. I have four days in my studio when I don't have to think about anything but making art. Today I went into the studio for the first day of my of my art retreat.

I have been working on these drawings for ages. They are 6 x 6  how much trouble could they be? Well, first they started out as pencil drawings. I laid down a grid and began working with a grid of directional lines, In some places you can see the intricate herringbone marks peeking through. The work hung on the wall for weeks. I couldn't see where it was going. I took it down and put it away.

I took six of these drawings and hung them on my wall where I usually work on series. Little marks began to reveal themselves. A quiet but repetitive vocabulary began to talk over the directional lines — something happened and before you knew it these drawings were well.— red.

The photos that I took today don't represent the very layered and active conversation taking place. Two of the drawings just didn't make it and were discarded. Three of the four seem to be finished. I'll make sure tomorrow. Still one remains. But here they are.