New Work : April 2017, small studies

I've been working on some studies for something much larger recently.

I seldom make more than a simple line drawing to indicate my process for making any work in progress. But the scale of the final drawings and the number I would like to make in this series asked for some testing of hues and marks.

It's wonderful to be able to make these studies anywhere I can carry my pens and small paper pad.

in the studio : pressing mounted paper

This is what it looks like when I use Nori to mount watercolor paper to a panel. My long and short series is on 12 x 12 inch panels. Each drawing is a pair of panels and one has mounted watercolor paper for the surface. As you can see I am using the latest technology here to press and secure a sheet of paper for one panel.

Nori is slow drying so I usually wait 48 hours.


A series of one.

In the studio tuesday I continued work on my lone wolf.

I custom mixed the green and began to make tonal marks in a path around the perimeter of the sheet. I added a layer of marks, white caisen paint tapped on like a stamp. It is one of the marks I have added to my vocabulary for these larger drawings.

I mixed a transparent yellow ink and sliced the vertical space with three stripes. This is where I am right now. It's hanging waiting for me to return.

Not in the studio : August

I've been in my studio early the past few days.

I have been very productive and extremely excited about the new work I am making. But yesterday I felt like a spinning top. Bumping into and spinning off of each idea.

Today I decided to move into the day more slowly and deliberately. To quiet myself.

In the Studio : moving forward

Today I stared these drawings down.

Deciding to make some marks today — i pushed forward. Took out acrylic ink and made some new marks. I must admit that I played it safe by experimenting on only two drawings. One of each tonal fields. I'm happy with the dots created by using the dropper. The ink made little pools that hold a sheen. I'm pleased.

In the Studio : late June

A long day in my studio.

It was a very long day in my studio but it felt all too quick.

I spent a good part of the morning cutting and punching papers. Then I began arranging. Then attached several pieces using tape or staples. Some very delicate pieces were attached with a double-stick material.

Now I am investigating some of the other materials I have saved over the years to add to the collages. I have some tapes and fasteners that may come into play. I have several papers I will punch with little round holes. Much more to do to extend the vocabulary a bit more.


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