New Work : April 2017, small studies

Four details of recent drawings by Stella Untalan
Drawing in progress by Stella Untalan

I've been working on some studies for something much larger recently.

I seldom make more than a simple line drawing to indicate my process for making any work in progress. But the scale of the final drawings and the number I would like to make in this series asked for some testing of hues and marks.

It's wonderful to be able to make these studies anywhere I can carry my pens and small paper pad.

In this series I hope to make several very large drawings at least 50 inches vertical. That calls for understanding the process I'll set down to make them. The process and size will change the markmaking and the rhythm of the drawing but these studies have shown me how some of the marks and hues may react.

I'll still make a few more studies then move on to larger drawings.