The ocean has rhythm and comes in shades of blue

Over the past month I have been working on drawings made with markers. I'm happy have to found paint markers that I enjoy using for drawing. This past week I began experimenting with some lines and marks that I had found to be successful while making a series of studies. 

The first image is little patterns on paper. The second image is of the first two small drawings. These are the first of the blues. 

In the studio : prototype

Just begining some protypes; basically color tests for my next commission. Color pallette selected. Working on the vocabulary of marks.

This going to be another large drawing so I'm testing the color interaction and marks. Excited to get started. The end piece will be almost square.

In the Studio : early March

I arrived at the studio very early this morning. Made a pot of coffee and solved a couple construction problems.

Then it was time to clean off all the surfaces so I could take out sheets of paper. It's been weeks since I've had time enough in the studio to really work on anything brand new. I decided to take a look at some drawings that I had started as early as a few weeks back. This would help me get past the what do I do feeling that I get when I'm not focused on a particular project or series of drawings. It's like getting reintroduced to some long lost friends.

In the Studio : late July

I've got a number of drawings started an in progress in the studio right now. This is another.

Starting a new series of drawings with a number of unknown factors. I purchase these rag sheets at my fav location my local Artist + Craftsman shop around the corner. I'm always interested in the results can be when I draw on a tinted or colored sheet. Sometimes I make a field of color with some kind of pigment and fix it, other times I seal the substrate before drawing.

3 water drawings

I'm working on framing these three water drawings for sale.

I'll scan them and get better pics up. They will be specially priced for Philadelphia Open Studios if they aren't purchased before then. They should fit in an 8 x 10 frame. I have to be sure.

Soundings — a new series of drawings.

This is one of a new series of drawings called soundings.

The individual drawings do not have names yet — I'm still spending time with them discovering their true identity. They are on luscious Rives BFK White 22 x 30. The blue field is 6.5 x 14 matte. I've used different grades of graphite for the grids and the dots are white drafting ink. I'll be showing several in April, details to come.


in the studio : november

New drawings. In the studio November. These are a new series of drawings. Mixed media. Working. I can't talk about them yet. I don't want to formulate any thoughts. They are still about process right now.

Matte finish vinyl paint, graphite, and white ink on Rives BFK white

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