In the Studio : late July

new drawings on layered transparent matte gesso
blue drawing

I've got a number of drawings started an in progress in the studio right now. This is another.

Starting a new series of drawings with a number of unknown factors. I purchase these rag sheets at my fav location my local Artist + Craftsman shop around the corner. I'm always interested in the results can be when I draw on a tinted or colored sheet. Sometimes I make a field of color with some kind of pigment and fix it, other times I seal the substrate before drawing.

For these new drawings I sealed the paper with a transparent matte gesso. I sanded three layers before starting to make marks. This allows me to create a mark without any absorbtion into the substrate. I love the feel of drawing on the sealed surface and I like the flexibility and feel of the sealed paper.

I'm very pleased with the first set of marks. The paper is actually a bit darker than it looks in the photo — less of a value difference.