Winter essentials.

Winter essentials. I love my little sketchbook (thanks Carol). I can hold it in a gloved or mittened hand.

I haven't been into the studio in a bit. Been working hard on a set of projects with pressing deadlines. If I had been in the studio more it is likely ideas would be flowing better.

Until then I have my favorite little fountain pen and my handy dandy orange sketchbook. It's easy to make small drawings in the cold and wind, even when you have to use Blistex or Chapstick.

I hope to have more news from the studio soon.

In the studio : January

It was good to get in the studio. There is a calmness and sense of purpose in wiping down all my work surfaces and assembling my drawing supplies and tools.

Selecting the paper.

Placing containers of graphite, pastels, and charcoal on the work table.

Now in silence waiting. Waiting to begin.

storm symmetry : inspiration

A white day full of muffled sounds. Almost everything a whisper.

The snow is still falling and the sky is the same strange yellow as last night. Perfect symmetry 12 hours later. It has been a night and day of quiet observation. An occasional muffled voice heard with the crunch of boots on newly fallen snow. It is a joy to be so quiet on the inside too.

in the studio : new drawings

This is one of a new series I'm working on. There are six drawings in all. I'm currently working on three.

These are the fruits of an all day session for thanksgiving. I was in the studio from 8:30 am until 7 pm. I am greatful for my fabulous studio and the time I have to make work there.

These are large drawings over 20 x 30 actual drawing space. These size take many all day sessions with periods of rest in between. It often takes me a month to finish one.

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