not in the studio

So much has kept me from getting into my studio. Work, my exhibitions, and curating exhibitions, I've worked on little sketches and I've been reading about art. Just now mark-making. Tomorrow I will have time in my studio. I'll clean the sapce and I hope to tear paper at the very least. I need the energy to make art.

Not in the studio : August

I've been in my studio early the past few days.

I have been very productive and extremely excited about the new work I am making. But yesterday I felt like a spinning top. Bumping into and spinning off of each idea.

Today I decided to move into the day more slowly and deliberately. To quiet myself.

In the studio : January

It was good to get in the studio. There is a calmness and sense of purpose in wiping down all my work surfaces and assembling my drawing supplies and tools.

Selecting the paper.

Placing containers of graphite, pastels, and charcoal on the work table.

Now in silence waiting. Waiting to begin.

Assuming the contemplation position.

Sorting photos and came upon this one. Wearing shorts, nice. Right now wearing long johns.

Just thinking that I haven't done this in a while. I still remember how to I think. Heading to the studio Sunday to find out. Getting drawings for the 3rd Street Gallery Community Show together. Looking for something I have framed and ready to go. How much are three entries again?

I'll be letting you know what happens and if I am together enough to make the deadline.

studio : 010111

Another year has passed 2011 has slid in.

It hasn't been a productive time in the studio. Usually I'm in there at least one day a week. I was lucky to get in once a month. I got ready for a late summer show in Oregon. Then I started a couple series of drawings and some new work on panels. The project using books called 9x9 should be called 3x3 and it's at a standstill.

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