making really BIG art

I'm planning on making some big art.

Maybe directly painting or maybe wheatpaste. This is the space I'm looking to draw on. Testing some ideas in a SketchUp file.

What would a drawingaday look like this big? Or maybe I should make a whiteboard and draw something different every once in a while?

design : floorplan and storage : studio 9-oh

Have spent some more time with Google SketchUP, relearning some things I have forgotten. Working more on the layout of the new HQ. This image shows the long common hallway on the south-side. We're creating a larger door opening to move in/out the larger and 3d works. Also, a welcoming entrance for art openings. We've created a wall in front of the storage to feature a signature work to draw visitors in. The left side is facing North and is an ouside wall.

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