Series in a book — new drawings

I've made a series of four drawings in my new red Fabriano sketchbook. This is a narrative of sorts. This is a new project and new form for the measurement drawings. This first series is done with a refillable fountain pen. I can fill it to complete the entire book.

I'm starting another that uses a dip pen where we can see how many missives can be drawn with the dip of a pen.


polka dot pencil case

A couple presents that came in the mail this week.

A set of amazing Fabriano sketchbooks and a fabulous polka dot pencil case. destined for my art gobag. Thinking about little sketchbook projects. A book full of ink drawings? Tests required.

I'll have time in the studio this week.

Half the book is microperfed. Yeah.


I must make some marks

I've really been unable to make any progress in my studio for the last two months. This is something new for me. It has never happened before. I'm internally motivated and I make lots of work all the time.

I've decided that I need to take some gentle action.

I started making small experimental sketches in my Moleskine. I've also decided to carry a couple more sketchbooks and pens in my art gobag.

new hardware : studio doors

Sat around with a cuppa joe working on ideas for organizing in the studio. My barn door needs some hardware and I've been working on some ideas to piece together plates and handles for a new better handle. These are some sketches for how to use flanges and plates. I'm measuring the door and doing more drawings. This is the start. I've also been doing some overhead storage. I'm expecting to be able to create a storage space for some framed work too. Right now just measuring and planing.

Winter essentials.

Winter essentials. I love my little sketchbook (thanks Carol). I can hold it in a gloved or mittened hand.

I haven't been into the studio in a bit. Been working hard on a set of projects with pressing deadlines. If I had been in the studio more it is likely ideas would be flowing better.

Until then I have my favorite little fountain pen and my handy dandy orange sketchbook. It's easy to make small drawings in the cold and wind, even when you have to use Blistex or Chapstick.

I hope to have more news from the studio soon.


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