A view of the road kit.

A quick capture of my road kit.

I carry several sketchbooks. Three Molekines, one for ink drawings, a watercolor book, and a journal. Last but not least a Fabriano with multiple color sheets.

I like having the aqueous pencils on the road gives me lots of options. I can use one of my nifty Japanese nylon water color brushes to blend color or I can leave them alone.

This time along I brought a new India Ink brush marker. Love it. It helped me keep my little sketches very loose.

Drawing on the road.

My plants were weeping when I arrived at my studio today. Four 90+ degree days called for more watering. I unloaded some supplies and drawings I had scanned last week. Then I began to get my road kit together.

I have a pretty serious kit for drawing in small sketchbooks along the beach or in the public places. I carry small Moleskines or spiral sketchbooks; they are best for unexpected bouts with nature. I can control them in the wind or cover them up from the rain. I have aqueous colored pencils, a squirt bottle, and  plastic Japanese brushes that have water wells built in.

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