small books : measurements

I have been working on several small sketchbooks recently. I have been making single pen dip drawings on each new recto.

I'm using different inks and different pens to draw in each book. These are two of the books I am working on. The orange book is made with a less flexible nib and acrylic ink. The yellow book has walnut ink drawings made with a flexible fine point nib.

The drawings create a linear tale made line by line and page by page.


IN THE STUDIO : making horizontal lines

Most recent work. Expanding the measurements series with horizontal lines. These lines require super concentration. Dip pens need to positioned just right to drag across the substrate. The lines again are drawin with one dip until they run out and then are filled again. When the ink runs out I return to begin from the left again. Open spaces occur randomly, creating a rest in the measurement.

I always draw or brush pigments for my the have tonal differences, sometimes textures, and almost always — voids.

Ascertain acquired for collection.

During Philadelphia Open Studio Tours in October this year I decided to show some of my newest drawings. This included six ink drawings on Yupo synthetic paper that I made in the lead up to my show in June.

I'm so pleased to say that one of these drawings Ascertain has been purchased by Debroah Ward for her collection.

Debroah Ward serves on the Board of Vox Populi Gallery, currently as president. She is an avid arts supporter and collector of local Philadelphia artists.


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