In the studio : framing

I have eight pieces in a private show coming up. I have two egyptian waters drawings, this is one a buffed up and ready to go. The exhibition is by invitation only.

The written image.
A private exhibition featuring seven contemporary artists who engage the aesthetics, processes, and symbolic codes of communication.

Opening reception
Friday, December 2, 6 - 9 pm

15 foot 7 inch installation

In this exhibition Marguerita Hagan's single-cell beings of Le Mer dance with the depth measuring of Stella Untalan's Soundings drawings. In the depths Stella measures these creatures are lively and magical contributing to the circle of life on our planet. The exhibition can be seen by appointment. 


Soundings by Stella Untalan

In the Studio : New earth brown

The short lines have begun.

In this group of drawings the short lines are made on watercolor paper mounted to a board. This is the first in the pair. The green feels like spring. Looking forward to what transpires as the marks continue.

Already the drawing appears differently based on the angle from which it is viewed.

new series unnamed drawings

I've made several small drawings rendering repetitive marks to create patterns. These drawings are part of continuing experimentation on rhythms created by the repititive marks using tools that must be dipped or filled with limited amounts of pigment. 

The changes in the marks are a direct result of the depletion of the pigment. I'm working on both large and small drawings. Looking forward to making more.

in the studio March : green for spring

This past week I pulled out an experimental drawing on Yupo. I've been looking for additional tools to make marks I discovered while making my 366 project.

This week I have been doing some experiments with an ink marker.

These are new green marks I added. I'm pleased with the result but the drawing still isn't finished. It hasn't heald my attention. I've hung it on a studio wall while I try to discover what I'll do next.

In the studio : December 2011

I'm working with some drawings that just fell apart on me.

I tried adding some things to the surface and they just blew the marks away. So now I am cutting the drawings into pieces that could be assembled to make a new drawing. Or be part of another drawing. One that may be dimensional and may even be fastened say with a stapler. Just a couple of ideas I am working with right now.

I have a few days to do holiday things and then I will be back in the studio.


In the studio : October 2011

I spent a long day in the studio Sunday.

I walked over from home; took a different route and enjoyed the cool weather. By the time I got up to my studio I was feeling a bit more tired than invigorated by the walk. I decided I didn't have the energy to make drawings on the wall.

I poured a tall glass of water and put on a half pot of coffee as usual.

in the studio : july 2010

The Egyptian waters series is one of the few situations where I am seated when I draw. They require an immaculately clean space to work in. The pens require enough ink to complete the drawing without any waste. It is drawing of an exacting posture and state of mind.

It takes a considerable amount of time to prepare the area where I will draw. The table is emptied of everything, every tool and scrap of paper. The table is wiped down three times and the tools are cleaned. Then the paper is laid and the simple grid is drawn in pencil.


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