drawing-a-day 01032012

In this drawing I really experimented with making custom brushes and changing the hardness of the pencils.

It's really interesting to see these outside of the iPhone. Remember I am drawing on a very small surface and I don't see the drawing full size until I export it to Dropbox and then post it here.


drawing-a-day 01022012

This is the second drawing in the series. Yep number two

I learned how to make some more tools that would make marks that I am interested in making. I'm getting faster at switching from one tool to another; that makes the drawing more spontaneous.

This one is energetic and looks more like the work I make on paper.

I'm pretty excited working on these.

drawing-a-day 01012012

I have embarked on my drawing-a-day adventure.

This is the first drawing I have managed to accomplish on my iPhone.

This is a real adventure, learning to use the software, draw with my finger, use a tiny screen, and manage to create drawing tools within the software to make a series of marks that I find interesting and useful.


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