In the Studio : early March

I arrived at the studio very early this morning. Made a pot of coffee and solved a couple construction problems.

Then it was time to clean off all the surfaces so I could take out sheets of paper. It's been weeks since I've had time enough in the studio to really work on anything brand new. I decided to take a look at some drawings that I had started as early as a few weeks back. This would help me get past the what do I do feeling that I get when I'm not focused on a particular project or series of drawings. It's like getting reintroduced to some long lost friends.

In the studio: October 2011

I've begun organizing my studio for the upcoming Philadelphia Open Studio Event. The weekend is coming up quickly and I'm working to get ready. I've made a number of new drawings and that has left the studio a mess. Tools paper and drawing implements everywhere.

POST is a great time to get the studio in order before the weather gets to cold to open the windows and doors.

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