IN THE STUDIO : long and short series

What was on the wall wednesday.

I have begun making sets of panel drawings that can be paired in different ways. This is the start. We'll see just how many I make and how many of them feel successful enough to add to a multipanel presentation.

My process allows each to be independent and I'm open to that always being the case. But the joining of many pieces that have a common criteria but are not made to BE together will make for an interesting result.

Looking forward to continue the drawing and see what develops.


in the studio : october

Two of my new series of drawings. Starting number three. I'm cutting new sheets of paper today. Hopefully I will be able to start one or two. It takes some waiting since some marks are made while the paper is wet.

I trimmed another strip of paper and will stretch new pieces for Sunday/

I love my ficus marginata.

This week many new changes have taken place in my studio. The big one is rearranging storage. That task includes many descreet efforts. But more enjoyable is the pruning of my ficus marginata. I have had this tree over a decade. I have treated it when it had bugs. I have trimmed away branches when it has gotten a little crazy in it's spring spurts. This time Margaret is doing a careful effort to help it sit in a spot where we won't run into it and injure it's leaves on a regular basis. 

The looks super spiffy now.

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