in the studio : july, start of another new series on board.

Got to the studio after running errands early this morning.

Took awhile to get started but by the time I left progress had been made. I finally feel like work is starting is to spill out. These drawings use an under layer of soft pastel and an upper layer of oil pastel. Some metallic. color. Some scraping and scratching. You can't see the metallic in this quick photo.

Looking forward to getting back in and working more.

studio : the energy within

Spent a good deal of saturday working on the studio. The configuration is so different from the last space that it is taking time to get to know it. Lots of new drawers and surfaces to store and complete work that I have to figure out what's best for what.

Still trying to figure out how to get the bikes out of the way. I think I have an idea how to hang one and make it work.

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