You are invited, Open Studio October 15, 16.

Studio 303

I will be participating in Philadelphia Open Studio Tours this year after taking last year off. Plenty of new work to show you. Some sale items and maybe even some limited edition prints.

Come see some work in progress too.

I'll be participating with 16 other artists and creative businesses in the building. There are more than 30 studios that will be open in our neighborhood.

See you in the studio!

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in the studio : August

Three drawings that I had started that were staring at me have moved ahead quite a bit. More experimentation with some oil pastels and drawing with strange objects that push away the pastels. Some of the objects help me score the surfaces creating grooves that doing catch any new pigment.

I have a fourth and it is just beginning to take shape — I'm not showing it here. It will come soon.

It's great to get some squares on the wall again and get some energetic drawings going. We'll see what they look like next week.


naming new drawings

I've been working on some very active drawings this summer. These four red squares are crying out for names. I haven't discovered them yet. I thought if I put them at my blog I could look at them more and think about names. I also told folks that I would post the drawings when they were finished. So here we go.

Three out of four is not bad, new drawings.

I don't believe it's real. I have four days in my studio when I don't have to think about anything but making art. Today I went into the studio for the first day of my of my art retreat.

I have been working on these drawings for ages. They are 6 x 6  how much trouble could they be? Well, first they started out as pencil drawings. I laid down a grid and began working with a grid of directional lines, In some places you can see the intricate herringbone marks peeking through. The work hung on the wall for weeks. I couldn't see where it was going. I took it down and put it away.

in the studio : May

It's been difficult to concentrate on making new work while my show has been happening. Everything I have been doing has been in support of the show —telling people about the drawings writing and telling people about the work — being immersed in the drawings.

It's hard to be in the present when all you do is talk about the past.


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