Another red dot. #drawingaday


My #drawingaday show has really been a blast. First making 366 drawings (leap year) and then printing and hanging them was another adventure. The response to the work has been wonderful with many insightful comments. To my surprise many of the drawings have gone to new homes. Thank you everyone.

Hanging 365 drawings.

I have been hanging drawings for two days. Today is day three and I will have 10 months ready for my Opening Reception on First Friday. It is quite the project when I see all of the images in one place. More pics and story to come. I'm a bit busy right now.

Rare Earth, plein air pastels.

These are three of five drawings I have from available from my first Rare Earth Series. They are from work I did plein air in the Adirondack's. Mounted they easily fit in a 16 x 20" frame. The do need a float.

It was terrific making these drawings and I'm looking forward to making more this autumn.


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