In the Studio : February

Trying to get something started.

I cut some sheets of Yupo to size. Working on seeing what happens when I make a series of about 40 drawings and arrange them in a grid. These are the first two in the series.

I'm about to work on two new pieces within the same framework. I never know what this ink will do. I haven't done any of these monochrome measurement drawings with magenta before. So much is new in drawing and experience. Off to make some more.

Old doors, new work surfaces

You can't trash old doors. No you can't do it even if they are crappy hollow core doors. Just paint them and make them portable work surfaces. One side has a matte clear coat the other awhite painted surface. Now I can expand my horizontal work surfaces and I've added hardware so that I can hang them from pulleys and drop them down for more drawing or display surfaces too.

It's like having a reversable jacket.

Flexibilty rocks. 


in the studio March : green for spring

This past week I pulled out an experimental drawing on Yupo. I've been looking for additional tools to make marks I discovered while making my 366 project.

This week I have been doing some experiments with an ink marker.

These are new green marks I added. I'm pleased with the result but the drawing still isn't finished. It hasn't heald my attention. I've hung it on a studio wall while I try to discover what I'll do next.


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