In the Studio : long efforts

Yesterday was the first full day in my studio in a while. Freezing cold temperatures and the job had kept me away. Still it didn't take long to choose a challenge for the day.

I have been working on two orange panels for several months. What I wanted to do with them has made itself known in waves of clarity and cloudiness. I began clearly enough with dense and tonal backgrounds of orange. I almost wanted to leave them in their first state. I wasn't brave enough. I would come to the conclusion later they weren't really finished.

In the Studio : February

Trying to get something started.

I cut some sheets of Yupo to size. Working on seeing what happens when I make a series of about 40 drawings and arrange them in a grid. These are the first two in the series.

I'm about to work on two new pieces within the same framework. I never know what this ink will do. I haven't done any of these monochrome measurement drawings with magenta before. So much is new in drawing and experience. Off to make some more.

Back in the Studio : First Marks today

Finally back in the studio today.

When I return to the studio after having been away for a number of days in a row my day goes through several creative stages. Gathering supplies, preparing surfaces and then making the first marks of the day.

Today's first marks were an experiment. I used sumi ink and some new plastic droppers.

I'm not sure what will happen next but it was a good start to the day.

IN THE STUDIO : making horizontal lines

Most recent work. Expanding the measurements series with horizontal lines. These lines require super concentration. Dip pens need to positioned just right to drag across the substrate. The lines again are drawin with one dip until they run out and then are filled again. When the ink runs out I return to begin from the left again. Open spaces occur randomly, creating a rest in the measurement.

I always draw or brush pigments for my the have tonal differences, sometimes textures, and almost always — voids.

not in the studio

So much has kept me from getting into my studio. Work, my exhibitions, and curating exhibitions, I've worked on little sketches and I've been reading about art. Just now mark-making. Tomorrow I will have time in my studio. I'll clean the sapce and I hope to tear paper at the very least. I need the energy to make art.

unnamed drawing

One of my drawings in Measurements. Made with ink and a bamboo pen on three torn sheets of Rives BFK. Trying to think of a name. Right now it is unnamed. Each line was made with one dip of a pen.

two drawings in heavybubble's Biennial Snowflake Salon

I have two drawings in Heavy Bubble's Biennial Winter Show Snowflake Salon. These two drawings are experiments with ink on panels. Stop in see the work of more than 60 artists. There are 120 small works with prices that are sure to fit your budget.

Visits are by appointment only through January 1st. Hours after that will be posted on our Facebook page and website.

Closing TEA PARTY + Sale
Saturday, January 17, 2015 4 - 6 pm


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