IN THE STUDIO : four new panels

two prepped panels for drawings by Stella Untalan
color on panels for drawing
two prepped panels now yellow for drawings by Stella Untalan
two prepped panels now green for drawings by Stella Untalan

It's been difficult getting some steady time in the studio. Luckily I picked some work that requires waiting. The panels are prepped and ready for drawings to happen. I love the process of getting ready to make a drawing almost as much as making the drawing itself.

I stood looking at them and looking at them. That untouched white surface was as you would expect — difficult to approach.

Color dashed into my brain and I scoured the shelves for pigment. I laid it down quickly. I was pleased with the tonal differences in the color field. Now I had to wait for the yellow panels to dry. I couldn't do anything for hours on those two. Coffee or do more? I moved two aside and set up two more. I put the green on them that I had pulled down the same time as the yellow. Love felt markers. I've got three new ones to try.

Four squares.
New markers.

Four surfaces that should be dry and ready for the next move when I get there this week. I can't wait.