In the Studio : green takes over

new green on watercolor paper
new green close up

A drawing just happened the other day. Yes just happened. I wasn't sure what I was going to make but my first decision to work with watercolor paper started a cascade.

For the first time in ages I cut a sheet of watercolor paper, dampened it, and taped it down. Laying down color happened immediately. I used markers filled with acrylic in and then let everything dry. I dampeded the paper again and added a wash. I waited for it to dry. 

Working on this drawing made me realize that I needed to make several boards to tape the drawings to. Waiting for the drawings to dry meant I could work on another drawing in the series. I'm very excited to be working with the results of applying ink to dry, damp, or wet surfaces. The unpredictability is wonderful.

When the sheet was dry I started drawing with graphite and then with a dip pen and ink. Mixing vocabularies from different mediums is always exciting and enlightening. New conversations take place.