light in the mountains

Al Genna time, one timing
Al Genna time, two timing
Al Genna time, three timing

I discovered these three drawings while organizing in my studio this week.

I made these several years back. While on our holiday time in the Adirondack's I spend a great deal of time drawing and photographing in our electricity free environment. These drawings were made over a few hours at sunrise or near sunset. The place I usually sit and draw is near a small lake. That makes for amazing reflections. The color is very dramatic no matter what the sky conditions. When overcast the light can be amazingly silver on the trees as the sun goes down. When the sky is clear not a cloud the sunset can turn the trees a bright yellow blowing out almost all of the individual trees.

I've spent seasons mesmerized by the light and the color it bathes our little place nestled in the shadows of the high peaks. These drawings were made on three consecutive days. Now that I have rediscovered them I'm inspired to make some new ones when I visit in the spring.