in the studio : august 2012 with ink

I've been working a bit more with ink in my current drawings. After making a few drawings in the 18 lines series I wanted more color and saturation than I could achieve using graphite (my first love). I went into my supply drawers and pulled out some inks in a palette I was interested emotional pulled toward. This palette is strong with the earthiness of late summer and the prominence of the summer heat.

The drawings begin with a series of 18 lines pulled horizontally across the sheet. Sometimes they don't have any drawn boundaries other times they do. In this case I've defined a space I want to fill or not.

As is often part of my process I draw the line until the ink runs out. I do not finish a line I dip my pen and begin again. This establishes an aspect of the drawing I can not control and allows the piece to have it's own rhythm. The rhythm/sound of the image is very important to me. You can see the quality of the line in the detail above.

In this 18 line drawing I decided to experiment more with transparency. That's from the influence of my #drawingaday project. The lines yellow in this series have two distinct rhythms. A series of lines that I draw until the ink runs out and a series of lines that are drawn by dipping the pen each time I drew a line.


Currently the drawing looks like this.