In the studio: October 2011

I've begun organizing my studio for the upcoming Philadelphia Open Studio Event. The weekend is coming up quickly and I'm working to get ready. I've made a number of new drawings and that has left the studio a mess. Tools paper and drawing implements everywhere.

POST is a great time to get the studio in order before the weather gets to cold to open the windows and doors.

Last week I came into the studio to find that the earthquake had taken a delayed toll on my studio. One of my really big glass shelves pulled out of the wall. Apparently the wavy wall experience during the quake had worked the fasteners loose; only to fall much later. This was an opportunity to rearrange a space that I had wanted to get too but ignored because it was more work than I had in mind. Since Mother Nature had removed one shelf for me I could do the other.

I took down another shelf and a cabinet.

I really need a space to put my inspirational items for my work: stones and dried plants, printed ephemera, dried flowers, fortunes from cookies, and sea shells. I need to keep everything available to the eye and hand.

A few reused soup cans for organization and I'm almost ready.