Making marks on tuesday in the studio.

Had a great day in the studio last tuesday. Took a couple pics. Digital photography is great but I really want wireless transfer. I know I can take a shot or two with my iPhone but I like using my camera and that means transferring from my memory card to my laptop and then uploading to my Flickr account. No. I don't upload images to FB because I find their TOS (Terms of Service) offensive. At flickr I control the rights of each and every one of my images individually. (I'm looking forward to seeing what Google + has to offer. I hate Facebook in O so many ways.)

I'm starting to spend enough time in my studio to actually make some headway in my experiments.

I took out some pencils and I made some masks for making repetitive marks. I'm looking at some of the plastic shields I have used over time to create a vocabulary for this new work.