in the studio : august 2010

Happy to get some time in the studio again this weekend. It was al because of my hard ware not arriving for my framing for Oregon in Songlines. More about that in another post. It was a bit difficult to get focused while all I could think about was framing and shipping and my little book if I can get that ready too,

This work is the beginning of experimentation with language, glyphs as marks and is connected to my other work as a designer. The love of typography and the structured relationship with visual language as a designer comes head to head with my internal, totally empty mind marks in my drawing.

It is an interesting experiment and I look forward to the experience and the discovery.


One of the two new pieces. Transparent inks and pigment suspended in water and gum arabic.

mixed media

A bit more recognizable typography.

a start

So far. The sisters. Unsure exactly where they will go from here. not far.