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As you may have noticed there was a flurry if activity at the end of May. But June has been too HOT to work. I have tried to be in my studio. I just can't do it. Last weekend I went in to show some work to another artist and you just couldn't be in the space. It was 80 degrees inside at 8 am and I'm on the second floor.

Don't be fooled by the lows... that's with 80 percent humidity.

I just can't work in that heat. I sweat on the paper. Ick. And the humidity curls everything up.

I'm beginning to think about how I can make art in the summer. This studio space is just not working. I think some trips to the shore are needed. The breeze of the ocean makes it tolerable to be outside. I'm also thinking about moving drawing supplies downtown in my office. Not ideal but maybe I can make some work there.

It's easy when away without air conditioning. You can acclimate. Making the shift is difficult.

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