egyptian waters

drawings : collected

Egyptian waters is an incredibly successful series of drawings for me. I have two full series each has 10 drawings. Two of the drawings were recently acquired on the west coast. The two are from the second series and are shown below.

There is interest in four others. I have my fingers crossed.

in the studio : july 2010

The Egyptian waters series is one of the few situations where I am seated when I draw. They require an immaculately clean space to work in. The pens require enough ink to complete the drawing without any waste. It is drawing of an exacting posture and state of mind.

It takes a considerable amount of time to prepare the area where I will draw. The table is emptied of everything, every tool and scrap of paper. The table is wiped down three times and the tools are cleaned. Then the paper is laid and the simple grid is drawn in pencil.

in the studio : July 2010

It was 9 am and already 82° when I headed out to my studio sunday morning. It's a two mile walk or so. I usually break it up with a stop for a cup of coffee or breakfast on the way.

This sunday Margaret walked with me to Philadelphia Java Company. We had coffee, tea, and some breakfast buns and I ordered a sandwich for lunch. It was a refreshing stop — I headed the rest of the way to my studio alone. The sun was beating down on South Philly a place bereft of trees and almost impossible to find a sliver of shade.

in the studio : July 2010

Back in the studio — finally.  It was a most excellent day of drawing on Sunday. I lit the incense, put on my ipod, and drew almost nonstop for five hours.

Stepping back into the groove with a limited vocabulary, ink drawings and iconic marks, made it easy to lose track of everything else but the memories of the ocean. I could taste the salt and feel the breeze blowing off the water. My mind was empty and the drawings came.

I was able to complete four drawings. Here's one.

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