In the studio. February 2013, yellow.

2013-02-24 12.16.01

This is my work table as I did some very rough sketches to get started on my new printmaking adventure. My idea was to make marks on different pieces of linoleum and see how they might work together after the pieces we're complete.


2013-02-24 12.51.31

I started by using a very softe piece to test what kind of lines I was able to make. It was easy and I wasn't worried about controlling the result too much. Some were deep but that was fine. (Just as long as I didn't cut through!)


2013-02-24 12.51.38

Some cuttings.


These are from a harder sheet.


2013-02-24 14.39.46

A smaller piece with some short marks. I like drawing these kind of marks. With the printing though they will be the places without ink.


2013-02-24 16.56.34

More cuttings thinner and more consistant from the linoleum that I warmed before I cut it. Warming makes the cutting easier. But the temperature must be consistant or the cuts will be harder to control.


2013-02-24 16.56.44

Three pieces cut. Each has a different rhythm. The first three of my ongoing vocabulary. My plan is to save each and to combine them in different ways as I create a full vocabulary of marks.



I choose this yellow. It seemed right.  I rolled it out and got to feel the ink. It was buttery.



Here is the first color. A solid yellow square. I printed it in approximately the same place. No worries about registration on this print. Just an experiment. Here they are hanging to dry.